Winter Wedding Street Food

Tartiflette This is a wintery French potato dish which includes Rebluchon cheese with smoked bacon, garlic served with slices of chicken, mustard and onion chutney.
Raclette cheeseScraped over a rich beef bourguignon with garlicky potatoes, pickles and berries
Massaman Curry  - A fragrant Thai curry with chicken and flavoured with lemongrass, ginger and coconut milk served with a Thai rice and cashew nut salad and a pineapple and mango salsa
Winter Mezze - With Chicken Shish Tawook, Lamb Kofta stuffed with Sheeps Cheese, Kale,  Carrot, Ginger and Lentil Pakora . Kisir(A Pomegranate, tomato and bulgur wheat salad with fresh herbs) Beetroot yoghurt, Rose Harissa and za’atar flatbread
Paella Mixta - With Chicken, Pork, Chorizo and seafood Paella served with Aioli and Pea. Olive, Judion Bean and Piquillio pepper garnish.
Sri Lankan Curry - With Chicken or fish -  a rich curry packed with fresh herbs, turmeric and ginger served with a Daal, roti and Potato sambal